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Cultivate Good Vibes!

This Week’s Tip: Cultivate Good Vibes! Thanks for tuning in to the Grow Tip of the Week! Please tell your friends about Growers Love and the Grow Tip of the Week! You can also help support our mission by purchasing a Growers Love T-shirt or something from our store!  Tune in next week, and check out for more gardening tips and resources. Until next time...  Keep Growin Keep Smokin And Spread Growers Love!

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Invest In Your Garden

This Week’s Tip:  Invest in your Garden   This week I’d like to talk about investing in your garden.  We’ll be talking more about grow equipment in future Grow Tips, but I think its important to discuss some general tips for investing in your grow before we dive into specifics about gear and equipment recommendations.  So lets talk about it!  Growing cannabis is an investment of both time and money Even the simplest grow will have expenses and require some effort, but this doesn’t mean growing has to be expensive or time consuming.  Spending money wisely and investing for the long term can help you stretch your budget further, regardless of how much you have to spend. You can make...

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Practice IPM!

 This Week’s Tip:  Practice Integrated Pest Management! Pests, pathogens, and threats to your garden are EVERYWHERE! If you aren’t taking steps to keep them out, you might as well INVITE THEM IN! Don’t wait around for problems to strike!  Act preemptively and stop problems BEFORE its too late! Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a set of strategies for preventing problems in your garden, and limiting the damage when issues do occur. IPM is about looking at the BIG PICTURE and treating the ROOT CAUSE of the problem, not just managing the symptoms. IPM is a big subject with lots to learn, so we made a FREE GUIDE to help you get started! Get the Free IPM Guide HERE! IPM consists...

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