Focus on the Fundamentals

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Start with the Basics!

I often hear growers talk about using magical products or fancy tricks to improve their yield or bud quality, but the best way to improve your grow is to focus on the FUNDAMENTALS!

Its easy to get distracted by fancy gear or exotic ingredients, but those sorts of things won’t make a big impact until you’ve mastered the basics.

Get the basics down and make sure you’ve got everything dialed, THEN you can start playing with the fancy stuff.  Just like basketball!  The best results come from focusing on the basics like passing, shooting and dribbling.  Don’t start trying to dunk until you’ve mastered how to dribble!

The key to growing great cannabis isn’t fancy tricks or expensive products, its focusing on :

Light, Environment, Nutrition, and Love

        • Light is the energy that powers your grow.
        • Environment provides your plants with the conditions they need to  grow and thrive.
        • Nutrition feeds your plants and provides the building blocks for growth
        • Love is all the care you provide as the gardener
How well you address those 4 needs will determine the success of your grow.
    • You might think your grow is pretty sweet (and maybe it is!), but there is ALWAYS something you could do better! 
    • Take some time to think about how you could improve your garden to better provide those 4 key elements!
      I wrote a short guide for new growers that covers the basics of providing those 4 factors, but staying focused on the basics is just as important for experienced growers too! 

      You can find the New Grower Guide here

      Check it out!  And as you read through it, think about how you could improve the basics in YOUR grow!

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