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Do a “Pre-Mortem”

When someone dies, medical examiners will often do a “post- mortem” to determine the cause of death.  Experts will examine the body to try to determine what went wrong.  When something goes wrong in your grow, you should do a post mortem too!  Think about what led to the problem, and what you could have done to avoid it.  But what if we could anticipate those problems BEFORE they negatively effect your garden?  What if we could look ahead into the future and predict those problems before they even start?  Well to some extent, you can!

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Invest In Your Garden

This Week’s Tip:  Invest in your Garden   This week I’d like to talk about investing in your garden.  We’ll be talking more about grow equipment in future Grow Tips, but I think its important to discuss some general tips for investing in your grow before we dive into specifics about gear and equipment recommendations.  So lets talk about it!  Growing cannabis is an investment of both time and money Even the simplest grow will have expenses and require some effort, but this doesn’t mean growing has to be expensive or time consuming.  Spending money wisely and investing for the long term can help you stretch your budget further, regardless of how much you have to spend. You can make...

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Garden Goals

What are your goals for your garden? Its a good idea to spend some time thinking about your goals, and what you are trying to achieve with your garden.  You should consider your goals for your current crop, but also your long term goals for your garden moving forward.  Setting goals helps you focus on what’s important to you, and will help you make better decisions about how to plan and operate your grow. Heres a few questions to consider to help you determine your goals: How much cannabis do you need? Are you just growing for yourself?  Or are you sharing with others? Are you just growing cannabis or are you planing to grow other plants too? How much...

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