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Invest In Your Garden

This Week’s Tip:  Invest in your Garden   This week I’d like to talk about investing in your garden.  We’ll be talking more about grow equipment in future Grow Tips, but I think its important to discuss some general tips for investing in your grow before we dive into specifics about gear and equipment recommendations.  So lets talk about it!  Growing cannabis is an investment of both time and money Even the simplest grow will have expenses and require some effort, but this doesn’t mean growing has to be expensive or time consuming.  Spending money wisely and investing for the long term can help you stretch your budget further, regardless of how much you have to spend. You can make...

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Focus on the Fundamentals

Start with the Basics! I often hear growers talk about using magical products or fancy tricks to improve their yield or bud quality, but the best way to improve your grow is to focus on the FUNDAMENTALS! Its easy to get distracted by fancy gear or exotic ingredients, but those sorts of things won’t make a big impact until you’ve mastered the basics. Get the basics down and make sure you’ve got everything dialed, THEN you can start playing with the fancy stuff.  Just like basketball!  The best results come from focusing on the basics like passing, shooting and dribbling.  Don’t start trying to dunk until you’ve mastered how to dribble! The key to growing great cannabis isn’t fancy tricks...

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