AC Infinity Cloudline 8-Inch Inline Fan with Smart Controller

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Grow Ventilation Made Easy!

8” Inline Ventilation Fan with Smart Speed Controller 

  • 10 Speeds- Manually adjustable or controlled automatically by the intelligent controller
  • Intelligent Speed Controller- adjustable high/low temperature and humidity set points and advanced control options give the grower better control of their grow room environment.
  • Quiet and Efficient- Mixed flow design combined with a PWM-controlled DC-motor means less noise and lower power consumption than a traditional inline fan.
  • Kit also includes: corded temp/humidity sensor probe, AC power plug, two duct clamps, and mounting hardware.

We recommend this 8” fan for:

4x8 and 5x9 grow tents (and similar sized grow rooms)

Soup says:  I recommend the AC Infinity Cloudline T-series fans because they are a smart and reliable choice for home growers.  The adjustable fan speed and intelligent smart controller give growers more control over their garden environment, making indoor growing easier than ever before.  The easy to use control panel allows growers to manually adjust fan speeds, or to use high/low temperature and humidity set points to control the fan speed automatically.  The PWM controlled DC motor is also much quieter than a traditional inline fan.  This makes it an easy choice for home growers looking to keep their garden discreet, or setup a grow in their home without disturbing the occupants.  I really believe these fans are a game changer for indoor growers, and I'm proud to offer them through Growers Love!

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