Originally Posted by Soup the Gardener on July 2, 2019

What are your goals for your garden?

Its a good idea to spend some time thinking about your goals, and what you are trying to achieve with your garden. 

You should consider your goals for your current crop, but also your long term goals for your garden moving forward.  Setting goals helps you focus on what’s important to you, and will help you make better decisions about how to plan and operate your grow.

Heres a few questions to consider to help you determine your goals:

How much cannabis do you need?

Are you just growing for yourself?  Or are you sharing with others?

Are you just growing cannabis or are you planing to grow other plants too?

How much time do you plan to spend in the garden?

What aspects of gardening do you enjoy?  Which do you dislike?

Are you planing to make edibles or extracts?

Are using “organic” or “natural” methods important to you?

Do you have special goals or other aspects of gardening you want to explore?

Are you interested in….



Outdoor or Greenhouse Growing?

Hash Making?

Or other “special projects”?

Make sure you include those goals in your plan!

You should also consider your priorities.  Knowing what’s most important to you can help you get the most benefit from your garden.

Which goals are the most important to you?

Variety or Yield?

Yield or Potency?

Potency or Flavor?

Interesting Flavors or interesting effects?

Interesting plants or easy plants?

Easiness or Efficiency?

Efficiency or Speed?

Take a few moments to consider your goals and priorities.  Knowing what is important to you helps you make better decisions and will help you get more enjoyment out of your garden.  Setting clear goals also helps you gauge your progress and determine what’s working and what isn’t. 

Once you have some goals in mind, examine your grow and your gardening practices, and ask yourself….

Is this helping me reach my goals?

If it is… Great!  Keep up the good work!

if its not… Maybe its time to make some adjustments to get back on track!

When you finish a crop or a harvest, take some time to reflect on your work and ask yourself…

Did you reach or goals?

Where did you succeed and where did you fall short?

What can you learn, and what can you do differently next time to get a better result?

Take a second to celebrate your successes and learn from your opportunities.

Your goals might change over time, so don’t forget to reconsider and update them with each new crop or garden project.

Keep pressing forward and updating your goals!

There’s always something you can improve, or some way you can step up your game!  Set high goals, and rise up to meet the challenge!  Once you meet your goals, set new ones and push yourself to improve even more!


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