When shopping for a grow light, you should always consider coverage, efficiency, and value.  With these factors in mind, I recommend checking out Horticulture Lighting Group and AC Infinity.  You can learn more about them below!

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Horticulture Lighting Group

HLG lights are known for their efficiency, quality and crazy brightness!  HLG has some of the most powerful and efficient lights on the market.  High efficiency means you get more light per watt, and more bang for your buck when it comes time to pay the power bill.

HLG designs great lights for growers because they are growers themselves!  They offer lots of different models designed for different situations, and even offer DIY kits if you want to build your own light.

I use HLG lights in my main garden and I love the results!

Check out their lights at HLG.com!

AC Infinity

AC Infinity is probably best known in the grow scene for their smart ventilation fans, but they make great lights too!  AC Infinity lights are extremely well built with high quality components and IP-65 rated water resistance.   High efficiency diodes, an easy to use dimmer and advanced control options give you tons of light and tons of control, without taking up a ton of your budget!

AC Infinity lights can be paired with their “UIS” control system, allowing them to be controlled via bluetooth or wireless, (just like their ventilation products).  This integration gives you more control over your growing environment which can make growing easier and more fun!

I use AC Infinity lights and grow products in many of my tent grows.  They are great lights and I love the water resistance and added control features!

Check out ACInfinity.com for more info!

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