Welcome to Growing Your Own!

Congratulations on starting your cannabis gardening journey!  Here's some basic info to help you get started.  Please check out our other guides and resources for more information!

 Growing cannabis requires:

Light, Environment, Nutrition, and Love


  • Light powers your plants!
  • Invest in the best lighting you can.
  • Use lighting that mimics the color of sunlight, like bright white LEDs!
  • LEDs cost more to buy, but are much cheaper to run since they don’t require replacement bulbs and use less power.
  • Your grow is an investment, invest in your future!  (Don’t go cheap on your lights!)
  • We recommends BRIGHT WHITE LEDS.  (Avoid purple/pink colored LED grow lights!)
  • You’ll also need a timer to control how long your lights are on.  We recommend:
      • Veg plants-18hrs lights on / 6 hrs darkness
      • Flowering plants- 12hrs lights on / 12 hours uninterrupted darkness


  • Temperature- Your plants need a comfortable temperature for healthy growth.
      • Too Hot (Above 84 degrees) and flower quality will suffer.
      • Too Cold (Below 70 degrees) and growth slows to a halt.
  • Humidity- For ideal growth, keep plants within a healthy humidity range, and keep humidity fairly stable.  We recommend:
      • 50-70% in Veg
      • 50-65% in Flower
      • Avoid large swings in humidity (like when the lights turn off), this can cause powdery mildew and other issues.
  • Air Movement- Your plants should be dancing in the breeze, but make sure they don't get damaged by excess wind! 
      • Use oscillating fans and ventilation to keep air circulating.
  • CO2- Plants consume carbon dioxide as a part of photosynthesis.
      • In a ventilated grow room, your plants should get plenty of co2 through ventilation and air exchanges.
      • In a “sealed” grow room, ventilation is replaced by air conditioning and dehumidification, so supplemental co2 is required (and can encourage rapid growth, providing all other environmental conditions are also ideal).
  • Odor- Cannabis plants have a strong distinct smell that can attract unwanted attention. 
      • Use a carbon filter on your exhaust fan to filter odor out of the air. 
      • Get a good filter! Don’t go cheap on odor control!
  • Positive Attitude- Your plants respond to your attitude.
      • When you are happy and kind, your plants know it and they will be happy too.
      • When you are grumpy or inconsiderate, your plants know it and they will be grumpy too!
      • Cultivate Good Vibes!


 Your plants need balanced nutrition, so pick an established grow style and follow a plan or recipe!

There are lots of grow styles to choose from, heres a few that work well for new growers-

  • Whatever you pick, just make sure you follow a plan that was designed by someone who knows what they are doing.
  • Find a good plan and stick to it for your first grow.  Its important to get a good understanding of the basics before you start experimenting
  • Then you can start to make small adjustments to find your own style.

 Microbes are vital to plant nutrition!

  • Beneficial soil microbes are an ESSENTIAL part of plant nutrition! 
  • They help move nutrition around and ensure nutrients are in a form that is available to your plants.
  • They also help create and maintain an ideal environment for your roots to grow and thrive.
  • Incorporate high quality compost or worm castings into your grow medium whenever possible.  They both contain lots of beneficial soil critters! 
  • Apply supplemental microbes regularly.  This could be in the form of homemade inputs like compost tea, or through the use of a beneficial microbe products like Recharge.


Your plants need love and care to thrive and meet their full potential!

This includes things like:

  • Watering
  • Feeding
  • Transplanting
  • Pruning
  • Scouting
  • Pest Management
  • Preventive sprays
  • Cleaning
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Trimming
  • Drying
  • Curing


There’s a lot to learn, and learning takes time!  You won’t know how to do everything at first, but with time and practice, gardening becomes second nature!

For now, focus on learning!  Be mindful of what you do in your garden, and observe the results!  Learn from your successes (and your mistakes) and apply these lessons to future crops.  If you focus on learning and improving your skills with each crop, you’ll be an expert grower before you know it!

You don’t have to learn alone! 

We’ve got lots of guides and resources here at GrowersLove.com to help you!

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-Soup the Gardener