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 This Week’s Tip:  Practice Integrated Pest Management!

Pests, pathogens, and threats to your garden are EVERYWHERE!

If you aren’t taking steps to keep them out, you might as well INVITE THEM IN!

Don’t wait around for problems to strike!  Act preemptively and stop problems BEFORE its too late!

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a set of strategies for preventing problems in your garden, and limiting the damage when issues do occur.

IPM is about looking at the BIG PICTURE and treating the ROOT CAUSE of the problem, not just managing the symptoms.

IPM is a big subject with lots to learn, so we made a FREE GUIDE to help you get started!

Get the Free IPM Guide HERE!

IPM consists of 5 key strategies:

Using these 5 strategies in your grow can help prevent most serious pest issues, but it will also help make sure you are prepared if there is a problem.

Having defensive measures in place allows you to garden with confidence!

Don’t be helpless and vulnerable!  Practice IPM and you’ll be prepared to prevent or do battle with pests or pathogens!

Download the Free Guide Today!

If you’ve already read the IPM Guide…

  • Have you put it into practice and developed an IPM plan for your grow?  The knowledge only helps if you use it!
  • Have you SHARED the FREE IPM Guide with your friends and fellow gardeners? 
    • Please help me spread the word about IPM! You can help your friends avoid pest problems too! 
    • We can make the world a healthier place by teaching and encouraging responsible pest control. 
    • Not to mention its a lot less likely you’ll get bugs from your friends and neighbors if they are practicing IPM too!

If you have questions, comments, or feedback about the IPM Guide, Please get in touch!  We’d love to hear from you! 

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