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Ladies Night x Girltime

15 Regular seeds

Estimated Flowering Time- 9 – 10 weeks

Expect a variety of phenos and enjoy the adventure!

Growing Notes:

Vigorous grower with solid germination rates.  I expect this to be an exciting pheno hunt with a good variety of different traits showing up.  Shorter plants with darker leaves are likely more cookie dominate, where as taller, lighter colored plants are likely more Timewreck /Jack dominate.  I’ve worked with both parent gene pools for several years and they have always produced consistently strong plants. No problems to report so far based on limited internal testing.

I will update this page with any new findings as grower reports come in.  


Mother: Ladies Night #7

Soup’s Breeding cut.  Ladies Night is Jazz x Go Time.  Shes a strong sativa leaning plant with an upbeat euphoric high.  Jack Herer dominant flavor with lots of sour lime terps along with hints of diesel, skunk and berry.

During a 3 year pheno hunt I found tons of great plants with many wonderful flavors.  The #7 cut was my favorite plant of the bunch and it continues to be one of my favorite things to smoke.  I named the strain Ladies Night because shes a fun, upbeat lady who will inspire you to smile, dance and have a good time!

Father: Girltime F2 “Red” and “Yellow” males

Girltime is “forum cut” Girl Scout Cookies x Timewreck.  It was a limited release strain originally created by the Heroes of the Farm team as part of their collaboration with TGA seeds.  The world famous “forum cut cookies” was crossed with Odie Diesel’s legendary Timewreck male, who also fathered Dr. Who and several other legendary strains.

I was lucky to acquire a few packs of this special cross and have been working with it in small numbers for many years.  Since this strain started as someone else’s work, its unlikely I will ever make seeds publicly available.  I am continuing to work with it for breeding and preservation purposes, as well as growing it for my own enjoyment.

For this project, I used two Girltime F2 males, “Red” and “Yellow”.  Red was shorter and more cookie dominate, while Yellow was taller and had a bit more Timewreck vibes to it.  I used both males for this project because I wanted to ensure both cookie and Timewreck traits would make it into the cross with Ladies Night.  I feel like both strains bring a lot of great traits to the table, and I look forward to seeing what combinations turn up in their offspring.  I may decide to narrow the genepool with future breeding, but for now I wanted to keep the possibilities open and allow for more variety.

Join the Adventure (and share your results!)

I am super excited to see what you find on your adventure!

Please share your pics and grow reports!  There’s lots of ways to share your results:

  • Post your pics on instagram and tag @growerslove
  • If you are a DGC discord member, post your results in the “adventure-pack” channel
  • Submit a “dank nug” or grow report at DudeGrows.com
  • Email your pics and grow reports to me!  Soup@growerslove.com

Thank you for joining the adventure and sharing your results!



Made with Love in Northern California!