Paloma Night

Paloma Night

Cherry Paloma (JR’s Cut) x Ladies Night #7

10 Feminized seeds

Estimated Flowering Time- 9 – 10 weeks

Vigorous grower with solid yields and a variety of phenos.  Most plants should finish around 65-70 days, although results may vary.  I’ve worked with both parents for several years and they have always produced consistently strong plants. No problems to report based on my limited internal testing, and nothing but positive reports from those that grew the pre-release packs.

Soup’s Notes:  I really enjoyed my first Paloma Night test run!  All the plants in my test grow were solid performers and I had several phenos that I wish I kept!  I ended up with a variety of enjoyable flavors, including candy gas, citrus, haze, cherry, grapefruit, pineapple, cheese, berry and diesel. I also saw a wide variety of colors in my test plants.  Some very dark purple (like the paloma), some purple buds with green leaves, some completely green plants and even some beautiful reds.  Truly some of the prettiest plants I’ve grown.  The four pics above are all different phenos from my 8 plant test run!

They’ve also been some of my favorite buds to smoke!  The gassy cherry candy flavors from the paloma blend nicely with the lime, berry, cheese and haze from the Ladies Night.  JR’s Paloma is known for its strong high and amazing flavor and both come through nicely in this cross. The Ladies Night brings an upbeat, floaty high that always puts a smile on my face.  My Paloma Night buds have been great social smoke, perfect for relaxing in the grow or spending time outside with friends!

This is my special plant crossed with JR’s special plant, so I think its fair to expect great things!  Both parents are very strong plants that bring a lot of good traits to the table.  I suspect there are some amazing phenos to be found in these seeds, and I’m looking forward to growing more of them myself!

Many growers in the DGC have already grown the Paloma Night and shared their results!  Check out all these beautiful Paloma Night examples grown by the crew!



Paloma Night Parents

Mother: Ladies Night #7

Soup’s Breeding cut.  Ladies Night is Jazz x Go Time.  Shes a strong sativa leaning hybrid with an upbeat euphoric high.  She has a sweet citrus and haze flavor profile with lots of sour lime terps along with hints of diesel, cheese and berry.

During a 3 year pheno hunt I found tons of great plants with many wonderful flavors.  The #7 cut was my favorite plant of the bunch and it continues to be one of my favorite things to smoke.  I named the strain Ladies Night because shes a fun, upbeat lady who will inspire you to smile, dance and have a good time!

Pollen Donor:  Cherry Paloma (JR Tokin’s Cut)

Cherry Paloma is Trop Cherry x Georgia Pie.  It was created by Raw Genetics.  My friend JR Tokin found a particularly nice pheno and has generously shared it with the world!  JR’s Cherry Paloma is a dark colored plant with a good balance of gassy and cherry/grapefruit candy flavors.  This cut has been grown by many talented growers and has reached legendary status in the Dude Grows community!

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