Garden Momentum

Posted by Soup the Gardener on December 3, 2019 This Week’s Tip: Garden Momentum This week we talk about the importance of maintaining momentum in your grow, and give some tips on how to avoid slow downs that can hurt both yield and quality.

Think Horses (Not Zebras)

Posted by Soup the Gardener on November 13, 2019 This Week’s Tip: Think Horses, Not Zebras This week we talk about diagnosing issues in your grow, and why you should start by ruling out the most common problems first.

Law of the Minimum

This Week’s Tip: Liebig’s Law of the Minimum This week we talk about Liebig’s Law of the Minimum, and what it means for gardeners.  Understanding how a scarcity of resources effects your garden can help you to better understand plant nutrition and to better understand the bottlenecks limiting the potential Read more…

Do a “Pre-Mortem”

Originally Posted by Soup, 8/20/2019 When someone dies, medical examiners often do a “post- mortem” examination to determine the cause of death.  Experts will examine the body to try to determine what went wrong. When something goes wrong in your grow, you should do a post mortem too!  Think about Read more…