Quarantine New Plants

Posted by Soup the Gardener on February 10, 2020 In this week’s video Grow Tip we talk about how to quarantine new plants to help avoid bringing pests and other problems into your garden. Click the link below to see the full video! Quarantine New Plants Video Grow Tip  

Deploy Soil Predators

Posted by Soup the Gardener on October 1, 2019 This Week’s Tip: Deploy Soil Predators This week we talk about using predatory soil mites and rove beetles to help combat fungus gnats and other pests. Click here to check out the full “Soil Predators for Pest Control” article

Do a “Pre-Mortem”

Originally Posted by Soup, 8/20/2019 When someone dies, medical examiners often do a “post- mortem” examination to determine the cause of death.  Experts will examine the body to try to determine what went wrong. When something goes wrong in your grow, you should do a post mortem too!  Think about Read more…

Practice IPM!

Posted by Soup the Gardener on July 16, 2019  This Week’s Tip:  Practice Integrated Pest Management! Pests, pathogens, and threats to your garden are EVERYWHERE! If you aren’t taking steps to keep them out, you might as well INVITE THEM IN! Don’t wait around for problems to strike!  Act preemptively Read more…