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AC Infinity offers awesome ventilation products with a focus on both quality and value.  They offer a full line of fans and ventilation gear, along with lots of cool accessories to further refine your setup.

AC Infinity fans are adjustable, reliable and quiet!

AC Infinity ventilation fans use EC PWM motors that are quiet and efficent.  Their fans come with built in speed control so you can easily adjust fan speed manually or with an advanced controller.

The AC Infinity UIS control system is a total game changer! 

Dialing in your environment is one of the easiest ways to improve your bud quality, and the AC Infinity control system gives you more control than ever before.  Pairing a smart controller with your ventilation fan allows for advanced temperature and humidity control through a phone app.  Easy programing and adjustment is nice, but my favorite feature is being able to schedule different target temp and humidity for different times of the day.  Keeping conditions dialed around the clock means bigger more flavorful harvests!

This system can also integrate with AC Infinity lights and circulation fans for even more control options!

I highly recommend checking out AC Infinity ventilation fans and smart controllers.  The added control makes growing great quality bud a lot easier and is available at a very affordable price.  Without a doubt one of the best investments you can make for your grow!